Case Study

Headless Platform Success For a Leading Cybersecurity Company

Facts & Figures

Deep Instinct


  • Founded in 2015.
  • Deep Instinct is an advanced cybersecurity company that prevents and detects malware and ransomware using a first-of-its-kind deep learning technology.


  • As Deep Instinct has matured, it needed a platform that could support its new branding, internal teams, and continued growth while representing the site speed and security critical for an organization in the cybersecurity industry.


  • Web Development
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Audits & technical consultancy
  • Continuous Development


  • Drupal Headless
  • NextJS (front-end)
  • (hosting)


The new site loads in less than half the time on the initial page load, and subsequent page loads are instant. Also, it’s highly secure, and makes it much easier for Deep Instinct to manage content updates, along with implementing new features and functionality. 

Decrease in load times
Month deadline met
Increase in demo requests
Our new site went above and beyond expectations. Load times are much faster, content is easier to manage, and we have more flexibility in adding features that benefit our team. All while keeping our IT and Security teams happy.

Bryant Pulecio – Director, Web & Digital Strategy, Deep Instinct 


Deep Instinct has experienced rapid growth and used the past year as an opportunity to mature the company through a rebranding exercise that included updating the messaging, positioning, and branding. They wanted a new website that would perform well, load pages quickly, be built on a secure platform, and empower their marketing team through easier content editing and management.

A prominent challenge stemmed from how the site was originally  configured by Deep Instinct’s I.T. team to prioritize security, an especially crucial component for Deep Instinct’s nature of business. But, building the site to ensure very high standards of security adversely affected much of the usability for content users and owners. Templates on pages were rigid and difficult for their internal teams to work with.
Their site at the time was overall too slow, not robust enough for Deep Instinct’s goals, and difficult to update. They wanted anew platform to address these issues, and wanted it fast – with a tight deadline of 3 months to launch.


Deep Instinct wanted to move away from having to manage infrastructure, and didn’t want to have to worry about managing a CMS like Wordpress with infrastructure updates. Our team leveraged Contentstack as the headless and cloud-based CMS with NextJS to power the front end and as the hosting environment. This created a fast, responsive site to enable Deep Instinct’s marketing team to have more control over their content.

Contentstack came baked in with a lot of the capabilities they were looking for, like robust translation abilities, two factor authentication, and single sign-on. Their team found it easier to move to a totally new solution rather than try to implement these capabilities on their existing site.


Deep Instinct is no longer heavily restrained on the content they can create or their feature capabilities. Their site’s flexibility has allowed them greater control over improving day to day operations. They built and introduced new features like displaying PDF docs as web pages, allowing them to have documents such as data sheets accessible in Google analytics and showing them which pieces of content people are engaging with and how much time they’re spending on them.

Their new site also has out-of-the-box multilingual support that they can improve in the future for more automated ways to translate content.
It’s also now much easier to support multiple environments to stage content. In other CMS systems, there’s a production database with all content and images that you’d need to copy manually to keep the staging environment in sync, but there would be instances where not all images copied down.

Because they’re now working with a cloud based service, Deep Instinct is able to choose which environment to publish and send it to. They can also schedule content to be published when it’s ready to go out the door.
The combination of the new site and rebranding significantly improved the prospecting efforts of Deep Instinct’s sales and sales development teams. Everything combined empowered the teams to better explain and showcase the value Deep Instinct provides when engaging with prospects.