Case Study

A robust platform expanding learning experiences and increasing demand

Facts & Figures

Worldview Stanford


  • Worldview Stanford offers quality online courses for professionals who want to study the complex issues shaping our future.
  • Their interdisciplinary approach combines flexible online content with an immersive, Stanford-based experience.


  • FFW’s team had to help build a site that could share content and lessons in a direct and engaging manner to all of its course participants.


  • Discovery
  • Strategy
  • UX and UI Design
  • Web Development


  • Drupal


A new digital identity and platform helped Worldview Stanford expand their learning experiences and increase a demand for new online courses and material.


Worldview Stanford needed a new digital identity and website for the program. Participants had a difficult time finding the tools they needed to engage with Worldview´s courses, so we were asked to help build a site that could share content and lessons in a direct and engaging manner to all of its course participants.


Once we worked with Worldview to outline spots for improvement identified on their site, we created a new website for Worldview´s program with two distinct parts: a public site to inform visitors about the learning opportunities Worldview offers and a private platform that brings personal learning experiences to Worldview’s participants. 

FFW developed a complex, yet user-friendly content architecture that supports web pages, user posts, instructor posts, images, PDFs, video, audio, and more. This custom Drupal system simplifies the management of content and provides flexibility for Worldview’s site administrators.


Worldview´s online program now has multiple courses with more participants every day. The site has advanced note-taking and individualized progress tracking so participants can easily see what content and topics they have studied and what they might like to cover next. Both the public and private parts of the site are beautifully displayed on mobile devices, which allows participants to engage with content on the move. According to Worldview, our efforts have helped increase a demand for new courses and material.

FFW was the recipient of the Acquia Partner Site of the Year award for our work with Worldview Stanford. FFW received the top honor in the Higher Education category, with evaluation criteria focused on identifying outstanding visual design, functionality, integration, and overall customer experience.

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