How to redesign your digital presence in 2020

February 6th, 2020
Undertaking a platform redesign can seem like a daunting project. There are so many choices to be made: not only between vendors but between designs, features, integrations, budgets, and so much more.
When getting ready for a digital project, it can be easy to be overwhelmed by all the choices your team has to make. With so many bells and whistles everywhere, how do you identify and implement the features, functionalities, and add-ons that hit the sweet spot between what you need and what you can afford?

Look for a vendor that’s committed to your goals.

You have a creative vision. Your vendor should do everything they can to help you realize that vision rather than compromise because it seems complicated. 
At FFW, as part of helping our clients achieve their dream platforms, we help them evaluate (or reevaluate) the tools they need. We look at your feature list, understand what it is you’re trying to accomplish, and then help you find alternative ways of doing things. We also help you identify any gaps in your digital strategy— either current gaps or potential future gaps— and make sure that your roadmap has you covered for years to come.

Remember there’s more than one right way of doing things.

A solution that is built to check off boxes on a feature list is a solution that will fail. Instead of focusing on a punch list of “nice to haves,” work with your vendor to design a flexible platform that will empower your team to drive business results.
This is an approach we take at FFW, which means that every solution we create is unique. The flexibility and continuous evolution of best practices suggest that there’s no single “best” way to build a platform and that every step of the project needs to be evaluated in line with your organization and its unique needs. 
There are many ways of getting from point A to point B in your digital roadmap, and it’s essential to ensure your team is aware of your specific needs. Open-source platforms like Drupal allow designers, developers, and digital technologists to integrate tools and features in the precise configuration that will deliver the best results for your unique organization.

Realize that you don’t have to replatform to get what you want.

If budget is a big concern, or you’re worried about introducing too much change all at once, consider an alternative approach to improving your digital tool stack. Continuous Development Agreements (CDAs) allow your vendor (ideally, FFW!) to integrate with your team to tackle work in ongoing, iterative phases. This allows your web team to implement features individually, continually refining your design and platform. Taking an iterative approach to change also helps you stay on the cutting edge: Instead of overhauling your entire system every three to five years, you’re constantly making little updates.

Ready to get started? Want more help? We’re here for you.

Whether you’re seriously considering moving forward with a redesign project The FFW team is here to share our knowledge and experience with you as you put together your RFP, evaluate bids, and identify the tools you want on your platform. To get started, or just to explore your options, give us a call. We’d love to help you out.


Kayla Eidenbrook

Kayla Eidenbrook

Marcom Specialist