How to Build Your Digital Estate Strategy to Scale

January 14th, 2022

When building your digital estate and platform, is it better to approach it with a monolithic, one-size-fits all system, or is there a more customized approach that’ll help you scale more effectively? Composable strategies provide an alternative to singular and monolithic systems. A well-executed, smart composable strategy can be the best way to delight users, get all audiences across your organization where they want to go, and help you achieve scale.

Monolithic systems often collapse under their own weight when scaled. Composable strategies create powerful, flexible systems, especially with the right tech stack. A good, composable strategy means platforms are architected to create experiences and tools that can be used consistently by cross-functional teams across all markets, business units, channels, and audiences.

With reusable components, a composable strategy allows you to level up experience design across all touchpoints and lay the groundwork for scalable governance. It helps you tailor content to customized experiences across segmented audiences. And it helps you drive engagement and transform how you manage experiences across your digital channels. Composable strategies focus you on that last mile of digital experience, through your content and your data, coming together in delightful ways to give audiences the value they need to engage and convert.

Check out our presentation at Engage 2021 to learn more about building your digital estate with a composable strategy, and how we helped L3 Harris and Panasonic North America incorporate a successful composable approach.

Scale often feels like rolling a lot of big boulders up a lot of steep hills forever. The best way to get over those hills is to build momentum. A composable strategy along with a trusted partner to help build that strategy can help generate that momentum you need. Contact us to discuss ways composability can fit into your strategy and help your organization achieve scale. 


Kayla Eidenbrook

Kayla Eidenbrook

Marcom Specialist