Free learning resources to consider while stuck at home

May 8th, 2020

Many more educational tools and resources have been made temporarily free due to the pandemic. Here are some of the top ones to check out for career development.


A list of some of the top free learning resources for you and your team to improve your skill sets during the pandemic. 

Though it doesn’t feel like it when you turn on the news, there are some silver linings to the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns are creating cleaner air, people are coming together to support the elderly and their communities, and many are putting time towards self-improvement. 
Another great thing? Many business educational resources, classes, and events are now temporarily available online for free. This is an excellent opportunity to invest in gaining new skills, or if you’re leading a new remote team, helping your employees with their personal development while they work from home. 
Here are some of the top free resources to check out, categorized by department and skill type: 

Resources for improving a variety of skill sets 

Coursera: No matter what you’re looking to learn, there is likely a course for it on Coursera. Although Coursera usually supplies free resources, they have even more available now, and are offering more certifications for free. Learn more hereDeal ends: July 31, 2020 

Udemy: In response to the pandemic, Udemy has compiled a list of their free resources. From courses on coding, to building influence, to using Excel, there’s a wide array to take advantage of. Learn more hereDeal ends: TBD 

Skillshare: Skillshare is offering two months free of their resources to help spark creativity in others during the pandemic, with business courses included. Learn more hereDeal ends: After a 2 month free trial 

Bit Degree: A collection of courses that would typically range upwards of $16 are now available for free for a limited time. Learn more hereDeal ends: TBD 

FFW: Yes, that’s us! We’re constantly putting out free resources to help you navigate the world of digital experiences and tackle your business objectives, covering topics like personalization, choosing the right CMS, continuous development, and so much more. Access our resources here. Deal ends: Never 


C3 (now a free virtual event): C3 is an annual search and content marketing conference, which is currently virtual and free due to the pandemic. Register hereEvent: May 12, 2020 

Unleash (now a free virtual event): Unleash is another event taking place virtually for free and is mostly centered around demand generation and sales. Event: May 5 -7th, but replays are available 

Moz (SEO): Want to up your SEO game? For a short time, courses in Moz Academy are being offered free of charge. Learn more hereDeal ends: May 31, 2020


Adobe Summit: All Adobe Summit breakouts are now available online, so you can watch from the comfort of your home, completely free of charge. Access them hereAccess ends: TBD

Project management

Project Management Institute: PMI has an entire hub available of free resources because of the pandemic, intended to help improve project management skills. It also includes access to materials from PMXPO. Access it herePMXPO access ends: June 26, 2020


Google Cloud: A variety of Google Cloud courses are now available for free for 30 days. Learn more hereDeal ends: After one month 

IBM: IBM is offering free courses tailored to building both soft and more technical skills. Date ends: TBD 

Product School: Interested in building your knowledge of product management? Product School has free courses, events, books, and even a podcast to help. Learn more hereDate ends: TBD 

Packt: Free courses on web development, data science, programming, and more are available on Packt. Date ends: Free workshop access till May 31, 2020

Need help navigating this newly remote and digital world? FFW can help. 

Times are changing, and we want to help any way we can! Whether through providing resources to help you navigate a remote workforce, or finding ways to enhance your website, contact us if you ever need a hand. 


Kayla Eidenbrook

Kayla Eidenbrook

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