FFW Partners with Digital Asset Mgt Provider, MediaValet

November 11th, 2021

Award-Winning global digital experience agency, FFW, announces a new partnership with MediaValet, a leading provider of enterprise digital asset management (DAM) and creative operations software.

FFW empowers many of the world’s leading organizations, like Pfizer, Stanford, and Panasonic to effectively scale their Digital Experience Platforms (DXP), unlocking new capabilities, streamlining control, and achieving vastly increased and sustainable business impact.

“Our core belief at FFW is achieving digital scale requires more than just adopting powerful tools and technology, it requires building a practice on how these tools and systems are used and empowering our clients’ entire teams to fully understand how to use them,” said FFW Senior Director of Partnerships, Ricardo Osuna. 

According to Gartner, 60% of organizations who attempt to achieve digital scalability fail. Neglecting to build a strong digital experience practice is often a major reason why.

Where many other DAM providers’ pricing structure is based on a per-user basis, MediaValet’s uncapped user pricing structure is optimized for driving wide adoption and increased collaboration within an organization. MediaValet’s DAM solution features an easy-to-use API and fosters quick integrations with other systems, rendering it a popular choice for composable system architecture.

Scale is impossible without all content and assets composing customer experiences controlled and streamlined for cross-org accessibility. MediaValet’s system for organizing and governing digital assets that scales with an organization as it grows is completely aligned with our approach to helping our clients achieve digital scale.

"As experts in integrated strategies and developing digital solutions that scale, FFW aligns perfectly with our goal to enable organizations to grow without limits,” said MediaValet Head of Strategic Partnerships, Fraser Charles. “We’re delighted to be partnering with FFW to incorporate digital asset management into customers’ Digital Experience Platforms to better support internal processes, streamline asset creation and fast-track asset distribution at scale."

To learn more about how FFW leverages MediaValet's cloud-based DAM solution, visit: www.ffwagency.com/mediavalet


Ryan Pirkle

Ryan Pirkle

Sr. Director Marketing & Communications Americas