Drupal community raises $500,000 in record time

May 13th, 2020

The Drupal community came together to raise $500,000 for the Drupal Association in record-breaking time.


Drupal is the largest independent open-source content management system in the world. The platform powers many of the most recognizable and visited websites globally. This includes institutions tirelessly working to save lives and combat hardships caused by the ongoing pandemic, including the WHO, Doctors Without Borders, CDC, and NIH. Drupal’s technology is made possible by a global community of passionate developers, designers, and content managers.  
Across oceans, nations, languages, and countries, the Drupal community exists as a cohesive network that binds people together and celebrates our diversity. This unity was perfectly illustrated by our community coming together to support the Drupal Association, which exceeded its #DrupalCares fundraising goal of raising $500,000 in just 30 days -- that’s half the original time set of 60 days. 
This incredible accomplishment was not the result of a few isolated contributors. It was due to a full group of people who know and love what Drupal stands for; and was achieved by the help of nearly 150 businesses and organizations, and donations from over 2,000 individual and membership donors. Our team at FFW is honored to be one of them. 

In these trying times, the Drupal Association needs our universal support 

Like so many organizations throughout the world, the Drupal Association, a 501c(3) nonprofit that supports the Drupal community, was facing financial duress after the cancellation of DrupalCon. DrupalCon is the primary fundraising event for the Drupal Association. Due to the pandemic, the decision was made to cancel this year’s DrupalCon Minneapolis to keep our community safe. #DrupalCares resulted in an effort to raise funds for the financial gap caused by the cancellation of DrupalCon. And together, our community stepped up to the challenge in inspiring ways. 
We at FFW are proud to do our part in helping the Drupal Association. We have been a Signature Supporting Partner since that support was established in 2015 and a constant DrupalCon sponsor for over ten years. 

Why we believe so deeply in the Drupal community and cause 

Drupal has maintained its position as the leading open source CMS platform through the support of the Drupal community. The community is a tightly-knit ecosystem that goes beyond just a software. A free, open source platform means that anyone can be a contributing member; regardless of wealth, status, or where someone is from. Because of this, a vast array of people across the world have built the secure and flexible platform that Drupal is today, from Fortune 100 corporations to individual developers just starting on their Drupal path. 

The Drupal community is like a family to us at FFW, and it’s important for us to support it in the way it has supported so many others. We are so proud, yet not surprised, to see the immense uprising of support to help the Drupal Association in a critical time. It’s truly inspiring to witness the strides we can all make when we work together to accomplish a goal. Drupal was built as a community, and as a community we will all help it to continue growing.

Nancy Stango, FFW Global COO

You can help. Here’s how to get involved. 

Ready to take a key part in helping our Drupal community? One of the easiest ways is to donate to #DrupalCares. 
Individuals can support the cause by becoming a member, or upgrading your membership
Organizations can support the cause by joining the Drupal Association’s partnership program, or by advertising

Another great way to help the Drupal Association: Attend the virtual DrupalCon event 

DrupalCon Global (July 14-17th) is an interactive event to encourage thought leadership and knowledge sharing about Drupal, while celebrating our community. 


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Kayla Eidenbrook

Kayla Eidenbrook

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