6 New Hires on Working at FFW

September 24th, 2021

We love working at FFW, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Six new employees talk about the hiring experience and how things are going so far.

Chloe Villalon
Junior Project Manager, California

I moved to the U.S. just a few months before the pandemic broke out. Everything was shut down, so life was frustrating. Never in my life have I been unemployed for so long, so right when I was eligible for work, I jumped into my job hunting journey. For four whole months, I had at least three interviews every day after sharing my resume to as many locations as I could  without any luck! I was desperate to the point that I started looking into part-time jobs.

As I progressed through multiple interviews, I found that one of the most common reasons I was being rejected was related to my “non-U.S. experience or non-U.S. education background”. However, I’ve worked as a Software Project Manager with clients and agencies all over the world such as Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, China, and even within the United States! I felt so confident about my work experience until I was in the U.S. job market and actually looking. 

My interview with FFW was the first in which the lack of U.S. experience and education did not matter; I was able to show my worth. Shortly after, an offer letter was extended to me. The pure bliss I felt in that moment was incredible. Now here I am, working in the U.S. at a tech company, enjoying both work and life. I am proud to say that FFW provides equal opportunities to all from any background. 

“Real change, enduring change, happens one step at a time.” - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Nicole Feldman
Digital Content Marketing Specialist, Island of Enchantment

When a former colleague sent me the listing for a marketing position at FFW, I was skeptical. Most of my work has been in nonprofits, and I was concerned about the learning curve for a new job, a new industry, and my first for-profit company… while also going through a divorce. But I was determined to find remote work, and after some great conversations with the marketing team, I realized I had to give it a shot.

I’m so glad I did! FFW truly appreciates work-life balance and has been so supportive of my goals at work AND in the rest of my life. Joining FFW allowed me to move minutes from the beach, a lifelong dream come true. But I was surprised by how fulfilling the work has been. I’ve finally been able to take on regular video projects (something I always had to fight for with previous employers), the team and I get along great, and Ryan is literally the best boss I’ve ever had. I came into this job planning to reassess after a year, but now I know I’ll be around for the long haul!

Jason Casimiro
Associate Content Designer, New Jersey

Transitioning into UX design was a difficult challenge, but it allowed me to push myself to my limits and find something that I can work day and night on without feeling like it was a burden in my life. After spending three months in a UX bootcamp, I had to face the next challenge of my journey: finding my first job. It wasn’t too long until one of my colleagues sent over a link to apply as a content designer at FFW, where I was able to receive an offer after a rigorous interview process.

I can safely say that after spending a couple months here, this is hands down the best place for me to start my new career. As I continue to learn and grow as a designer, FFW provides the best environment for me to learn, offering a mentor at the very start of my time here. Mentorship is key to anyone’s success, and the fact that they value it here so much is what sold me on this company. Not only that, but they cultivated an environment where it’s okay to fail, because the only way you learn is through your mistakes. FFW is beyond what I expected for a first job out of bootcamp, and I’m so glad I am a part of such a supportive and innovative team.

Sebastian Contreras
Senior Solutions Architect, Texas

As a digital nomad, I have always looked for a challenging job with a healthy work-life balance. As the pandemic created more remote work opportunities, I found myself back in the market, looking for a new challenge and a positive change in my life (I’m one of those “pandemic divorced” ones). When I started the interview process at FFW, I was caught by the friendly environment and the fact that the company was working remotely even before the pandemic. After some months working at FFW, I can see how collaboration and a result-oriented mindset create such a great work environment. Being at FFW allowed me to keep my lifestyle as a digital nomad but also surround myself with a solid support team that is highly adapted to modern working environments.

FFW is the kind of place that motivates me to be proactive and actively engaged with different teams and initiatives. By working so many years in the Digital Agencies World, I was used to the “agency life” nightmare jobs. The FFW team has helped me understand that there are better ways to work and I love it.

Maryna Shyian
Project Manager, Ukraine

Do you know how it feels to change your place of work? Sure you do.

Most people get quite anxious in such a situation no matter what the motives to move to another company were. Needless to say, the first couple of months after a move might be quite stressful for many reasons, from getting acquainted with peers to having no idea who to address in any given situation.

Imagine how surprised I was during my first month at FFW. What struck me most was that literally everybody in the company is really happy to assist in any situation and to try to resolve an issue or reply to a question as soon as possible. What is more, the onboarding process is absolutely great. The first meetings on a new hire’s calendar are with different departments, so we meet people outside our team and learn what a department deals with and their achievements. So a newcomer feels a part of the company from the very beginning.

Last but not least, personally I find it absolutely perfect to have an opportunity to choose where I work, office or home, and be able to manage my work timetable. That is really great in our pandemic time and makes it possible to keep a work-life balance. 

All in all, working at FFW is a great experience and I absolutely love it! So come and share it.

Bruce Clingan
Project Manager, Ohio

By far the best part of working at FFW is the trust that is put in me to do my job.

Not only does FFW trust me to lead engagements with amazing brands, FFW also trusts that I’m doing my job and will do what is needed. This really means that I don’t spend time sitting around letting a clock tick away, I am given space and freedom to do my job. This isn’t common in agencies, which sometimes have rigid hours structure and process structure to follow and is what I appreciate the most. A former colleague who also works at FFW now said it best: “I’m not being babysat, I’m treated like a professional.” The flexibility to work wherever, and really for the most part whenever, I want is a lifesaver, and it's taken to heart at FFW; it's not an empty promise.  I’m certain that FFW is committed to making me more effective at my job and to making my work-life balance not a concern to me. I trust that they care about my wellbeing. 


Ryan Pirkle

Ryan Pirkle

Sr. Director Marketing & Communications Americas