Optimizing Design Systems for Digital Experience Platforms

October 20th, 2020

Learn how to evolve your design system into a centralized hub that includes everything from guidelines to analytics.

Design systems serve as a foundation for creating experience design at scale. They provide the components, visual styles, and development processes to help teams create consistent digital experiences.

But many organizations are only using their design system as a style guide to ensure a consistent look and feel – leaving their digital measurement approach to be considered separately. As components are reused, organizations end up tracking the same type of customer interaction in multiple ways – making it difficult to understand how each design pattern actually performs.

In this session, we examine how to evolve your design system into a valuable experience design hub which centralizes guidelines, best practices, and learnings from analytics and A/B testing. We include real-world examples of optimized component design systems and considerations for data-driven personalization use cases.