Women in Drupal Awards 2022

23 September 2022

We are pleased to lift the curtain and announce the winners of the first-ever Women in Drupal Awards – initiated and hosted by FFW.

The award winners are Cristina Chumillas in the Define category, Surabhi Gokte in the Build category, and Stella Power in the Scale category.

The award ceremony took place on Thursday the 22nd of September, held in Prague during DrupalCon Europe 2022. Trophies were handed over to the winners by members of the panel led by Kitt Ralkov, Head of Experience & HR at FFW.


The awards aim is to honour and spotlight women in tech, as well as pave the way for younger females through role models in the industry. It’s no secret that female representation is lacking at all levels in the IT business, backed up by global statistics that state women continue to be underrepresented in the tech industry: ‘As of 2022, between 25%-30% females work in the IT sector.’ This is why we decided, together with the Drupal Association that it is crucial to highlight inspirational female talent and the main reason why FFW created the Women in Drupal Awards. 


The event celebrated female talent contributing to Drupal across three categories:

Define: Everyone who works on defining an innovative Drupal project – be it a strategist, a designer, a founder or any other changemaker.  

Build: Builders and makers have their place here. It can be developers, architects or even HR specialists recruiting talents to build an innovative Drupal agency. Community members who help build a thriving Drupal community can be nominated too.  

Scale: Everyone involved in scaling platforms or businesses could be a candidate for the Scale award. It’s a category for developers as well as sales talents or consultants. 

Nominations were open to the Drupal community from the beginning of August to September – we received around thirty nominations for women with multiple achievements related to Drupal. An esteemed panel of judges selected the winners based on the categories mentioned above. The jury consisted of members of the Drupal Association – Baddy Sonja Breidert, CEO and Co-Founder of 1xINTERNET, Rachel Lawson, Senior Manager, Community Strategy at Digital Impact Alliance, Zsófi Major, Hackathon Manager at Parity Technologies, as well as the Founder and CEO of FFW – Michael Drejer.

We are so proud to host an award series that showcases the efforts and contributions of outstanding females in tech and we look forward to next year’s DrupalCon. We believe that women should be a vital part of the Drupal community and hope to bridge the gap between genders in the tech industry by celebrating the remarkable achievements of innovative women in Drupal.


Until next year in France during DrupalCon 2023.


Nadya Laltcheva

Nadya Laltcheva

Marketing Specialist